Campus Operations

Cal Poly’s Emergency Operations Center provides a centralized location for planning, allowing face-to-face coordination and collaboration among personnel from throughout campus to plan for and support our campus during an emergency.

The university is also working closely with the California State University Chancellor's Office for guidance on matters such as international travel and campus operations. 

Coordinated Campus and Community Planning

The safety, health and wellbeing of all campus community members and visitors is a primary commitment for Cal Poly.

Cal Poly continues to actively monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are proactively engaged in ongoing pandemic planning with our public health partners, including the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department and the CDC. Cal Poly is following the guidance of the CDC and local health officials.


Cal Poly Campus Safety Measures

Cal Poly Department of Emergency Management

San Luis Obispo County Emergency Information Website

Cal Poly Recreation Center operations during COVID-19

San Luis Obispo County announced plans in March 2020 for the Cal Poly Recreation Center to be possibly be used as an emergency overflow facility in the event that local hospitals have more patients than they can treat and house safely.

The county has announced plans to dismantle the overflow facility and return the Recreation Center building to the university effective May 31, 2021. The county requested the month of June to remove all of its extensive equipment and supplies in the Recreation Center. It is still yet to be determined when we will be able to open up the rest of the Recreation Center for member use.

The Recreation Center is not currently being used to house COVID-19 patients and has not housed any throughout the pandemic.

The facility would be used as an emergency overflow facility only if local hospitals are overwhelmed. At the moment, local hospitals are functioning well and are able to treat the COVID-19 cases in the county.

Cal Poly Recreation Center FAQs

Why is Cal Poly offering the Recreation Center for this purpose?

As a state institution, Cal Poly has a duty to the people of California to assist in the response to public emergencies and the requests of the governor and local authorities.

Why does the county want to use the Recreation Center?

The county has found the Recreation Center uniquely suitable to serve as an alternate care site, since it is a large facility, has excellent access to water and electricity, can be accessed by public roads that do not run through other parts of campus, and primarily contains hard surfaces that are relatively easy to sanitize.

How will Cal Poly ensure the safety of its campus community?

Should the Recreation Center be used as an alternate care site, general Cal Poly students, faculty, or staff will not be in the facility while COVID-19 patients are present. Limited essential trade workers would service the facility in the unlikely event of an infrastructure emergency. Any individual trade workers uncomfortable with servicing the building would not be required to do so. All precautions would be taken during the transport of patients and during any period that they might be present in the Recreation Center.

How will the facility be secured?

The perimeter of the Cal Poly Recreation Center has been secured with fencing. Once the alternate care site is operational by the county, 24-hour security will be present.

Will the Recreation Center be clean and safe to occupy after the alternate care site is dismantled?

Yes, every precaution will be made to ensure the safety of all staff and participants. Prior to reopening the Recreation Center, the county will oversee an industry standard hospital-level disinfection.

On-Campus Parking

The G-2 parking lot is closed until further notice and is being used only for County of San Luis Obispo emergency services personnel who are working in the Alternative Care Unit (ACU) at the Cal Poly Recreation Center. If you are an essential employee commuting to campus, use alternative parking areas. The Grand Avenue structure and commuter lots remain open at this time.

Parking FAQs

Which lots are closed?

The G-2 parking lot at Longview Lane and Slack Avenue behind the Rec Center is closed. The H-11 parking lot is also closed for the Frost Building Construction Project.

How long will the G-2 lot be closed?

The G-2 is closed until further notice, or until the closure of the Alternative Care Site.

Which lots are open and where can I park?

  • Grand Avenue Structure (for staff/faculty and commuters).
  • Commuter lots. 
  • Structure 131.
  • Resident students with valid resident permits may park in any resident location (Structure 131, R1, R3 or R4) at this time.

Do I need a permit?

  • Healthcare personnel in the Alternative Care Unit do not need parking permit. People working or being cared for in the ACU will be asked to provide their license plate number to be added to the LPR system. Visit Transportation and Parking Services for information on permits. Metered parking spaces will be enforced.

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