Employee Testing

Learn More about Saliva-Based COVID Surveillance Testing

Cal Poly is transitioning to a new method of testing using saliva samples. We hope this screening method will be available to employees in the near future. Continue to check this page and the Saliva Testing webpage for more details.

Employee Testing

Cal Poly has established an ongoing testing program for our campus community to rapidly identify and isolate asymptomatic COVID-19 individuals who may unknowingly spread the illness to others. We are currently working with a third-party vendor to increase our testing capacity and offer free, convenient testing services to students and employees.

While the university is transitioning students to saliva-based COVID surveillance testing, employees are encouraged to continue to use nasal swab testing at the Performing Arts Center.

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Who is this for?

Testing is required for full-time Campus Dining employees.

In addition, testing is strongly recommended for all Cal Poly faculty with face-to-face classes, and faculty and staff physically working on campus.

Testing will also be offered to full-time ASI and Cal Poly Corporation staff.

Please note: Testing is for asymptomatic individuals (i.e. no symptoms) only. If you feel ill or had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 do not participate in campus testing. Contact your healthcare provider immediately for further evaluation. Anyone who has contracted COVID-19 within the last 90 days should not participate in this ongoing testing.



Register and Schedule an Appointment

Please complete the following actions to participate:

  1. Register with Avellino Labs.
    • IMPORTANT: Use your local mailing address and calpoly.edu email during registration.
    • Please click the box indicating that you want to receive your results.
    • When prompted to pick a testing location – LEAVE THIS BLANK
    • Campus Dining employees, please refer to emailed instructions for registration.
    • For technical issues please email university@avellino.com
  2. Schedule your testing appointment via the links below. Appointments take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Walk-ins will not be allowed.

Testing Site Information

Cal Poly faculty with face-to-face classes, faculty and staff physically working on campus, ASI and CPC full-time employees. All employees working virtually are also welcome to participate.
Performing Arts Center Main Lobby (Bldg. 6)
Performing Arts Center: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

(Note: Nasal testing through Avellino Labs is no longer offered at the Poly Canyon Village testing site as of Feb. 18.)
Cal Poly Ticket Office (COVID-19 Testing)
A form of identification and a pen.
Testing is offered at no cost to employees.
Entrance Requirement
Wear your face covering, maintain physical distance of 6 feet from others, and adhere to all public health guidelines throughout your appointment.
There are free, designated 30-minute zones in the Grand Avenue and Poly Canyon Village, Village Drive parking structures.



Will I be charged for testing?

Testing is offered at no cost to employees, but you will be asked to enter health insurance information when scheduling your appointment. Register using the name that appears on your insurance card. You will not be charged if you don’t have health insurance, but you will be asked to provide personal information, including a driver’s license or social security number.

If this test is at no cost, why do I have to provide insurance?

At no time will an individual be billed for the COVID-19 tests taken during On-Campus Ongoing Testing.

While individual patients WILL NOT be billed for COVID-19 tests, health insurance companies will be. Insurance information is collected for Avellino to bill insurance, not patients.

For example:

  • An employee/patient with Kaiser Health Insurance receives a test at the PAC and provides their insurance information to Avellino.
  • Avellino will send a bill to Kaiser(not to the employee/patient) for the test the employee/patient received.
  • Kaiser will pay Avellino for the test that the employee/patient took and will not charge the employee/patient for the test.

The patient may get an ​Explanation of ​Benefits ​(EOB) which is not a bill for the test.

In the event that you provide insurance and your insurance refuses to cover the cost of the test, ​you will not be responsible for the cost.

How do I get my result?

Avellino Labs will process the results within two to three days. You must click the “patient results” checkbox during registration with Avellino Labs to receive your results by email or text.

Only our contracted vendor, COVIDx, will have access to employee test results. Cal Poly will only be able to request results in aggregate form.

What happens if my test result is positive?

Employees will be contacted by COVIDx and county public health if they have a positive COVID-19 test. County public health will begin contact tracing with the employee. Visit the county’s contact tracing webpage for more information.

Your local county public health department will be notified by Avellino Labs through the state-required reporting system. If someone has tested positive for COVID-19, they will be given an order enforceable by law to isolate for at least 10 days by county health officials. Cal Poly is working closely with public health to support those impacted by COVID-19.

Can I get tested at a different location?

If you feel more comfortable testing off-campus for any reason, you may schedule a free test at one of the County Public Health Department’s community testing sites (Note: Appointments are limited at the community testing sites.) If you schedule an appointment but can’t make it, please cancel in advance to make that time slot available for others.

Do the student-employees working in my department need to get tested?

Currently enrolled students that come to campus to work and/or use campus services are required to participate in the ongoing testing program. Students will receive an email from the university about how to register and schedule an appointment.

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