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Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 and the campus response, the information provided here will be updated. Please check back for the most current responses to common questions.  

Housing FAQs

Are University Housing and Campus Dining still open? 

Yes, University Housing and Campus Dining are open. We have no immediate plans to close for spring. However, President Armstrong has recommended that residents return to their permanent homes, if they can. Students who feel safer staying at the university, have no other housing options and/or those who may have limited access to technology/internet, may remain on campus. 

Staff — including Coordinators of Student Development and a limited staff of Resident Advisors — will remain in student communities to support residents. All Housing Administrative offices will observe normal business hours. The Campus Dining venues that would normally stay open over break — The Avenue, Campus Market and Starbucks UU — will have extended hours. For a complete list of venue hours, please visit https://www.calpolydining.com/special-hours/.  

Will students have access to their dining dollars over spring break? 

Students with a dining plan will get their spring quarter allotment of dining dollars loaded on their Poly cards March 16.

Now that spring term has moved fully virtual, can I cancel my Housing and Dining plan and get a refund? 

Yes, students who can return home should do so. Please cancel in your Housing Portal by April 6 to avoid charges for spring term. Your housing fees will be adjusted to reflect your cancellation for spring. Students will also be refunded for the unused portion of their spring term dining dollars. 

We are working on the logistics for refunds and will notify students when we have more specific information. Students who cancel in their Housing Portal between March 9-April 6 will not be required to give the standard 30-days' notice. 

If a student has checked out and decides to return, they will need to re-apply for Housing, and their previous room may not be available. 

I would prefer to stay at Cal Poly for spring term. Is that allowed? 

Yes, students who are taking classes in spring and feel safer staying at the university, have no other housing options and/or those who may have limited access to technology/internet, may remain on campus. 

What is the move-out procedure? 

Please cancel your Housing and Dining in your Housing Portal. Residents can check out at their community’s front desk. Green moving carts are available in common rooms and community centers, and at the parking garages at Poly Canyon Village and yakʔitʸutʸu.

Donation bins are being set up. Remove all your belongings, clean your space, empty your trash and return your furniture to its original configuration. Then, bring your access card and room key to the front desk of your community for check out.

Be sure you have removed everything from your room. You will not be able to access your room after you check out. If your front desk is closed, drop off your key at the express check-out box at your community front desk. 

Please do not leave keys in your room or with your roommates. A staff member will assess the room for damage at a later date. 

I need to live on campus but have an underlying medical condition that makes me more vulnerable to COVID-19. What should I do? 

If you are currently living in a residence hall, please reach out to housing@calpoly.edu so we can evaluate your current housing assignment and consider room change options. If you’re already in an apartment with a private room, please practice social distancing and continue to protect your health with frequent hand-washing and sanitation. 

I left for spring break and still have all my stuff in my room. Will I still get a refund for spring term? When can I come get my stuff? 

If you have already left, we are asking that residents do NOT return to campus just to get their belongings yet. University Housing will leave your belongings in place. Staff will conduct room checks to make sure that your room is secure and that food items are properly stored.  

As long as you cancel in your Housing Portal online by April 6, you will still receive a refund for spring term. We ask that you limit your travel and not return until mid-May to retrieve your belongings. We will send you details regarding check-out procedures and when it’s clear to come back to campus. We appreciate patience on this topic, as our priority at this moment is to assist residents who are currently in the residence halls with their move-out or relocating processes. 

I don’t think that I will be able to travel back to Cal Poly to pick up my things. What can I do? 

University Housing is currently considering alternatives for students unable to collect their goods in mid-May. We will notify students when there is more information. 

How can I return my key? 

If you’re still on campus, please return your keys and/or access card to your community’s front desk. If you’ve already left campus, mail your key and/or access card back to campus — even if you have left items in your room. Collecting keys from students not staying in spring helps us keep the buildings (and your stuff) secure.

Send your key/access card to: 

Attn: Planning and Support Services, University Housing 
Building 31 
1 Grand Ave. 
San Luis Obispo, 93407

Can residents leave for spring break and return for spring? 

For those who do choose to live on campus, University Housing and Campus Dining will remain open during spring quarter. If you have traveled, please return to your permanent home, if you can. Students will be able to move in any time between March 29 and April 5.

Will facilities staff still be available to respond to service requests and to clean the buildings? 

Yes. Maintenance and custodial teams will continue operating within our student communities and will respond to service requests. University Housing has increased cleaning schedules of common spaces and restrooms.  

Why won’t Cal Poly close all housing? 

As long as the campus is open, University Housing will remain open to support students — especially those who are unable to return to their homes. There are no immediate plans to close our residential communities. 

I have already canceled my Housing and am scheduled to move out at the end of winter quarter, but my plans have changed. Can I stay in Housing longer?  

Yes, residents can extend their stay past the current license term and through the extended spring break (April 6). Students will be assessed a nightly rate for their current room type until check-out. Where possible, students will stay in their winter housing assignment — though they may be asked to relocate if the space is unavailable. You can request an extended stay in your Housing Portal

I am a new resident moving in at the start of spring quarter. Can I still come?  

Yes, students can move in as originally planned. University Housing is extending spring move-in to account for the extended break. Students will now be able to move in any time between March 29 and April 5. Check in at the front desk. 

Can I cancel spring housing after April 6?  

Yes, students returning to their permanent homes will be able to cancel after April 6. You will receive a pro-rated adjustment to your spring fees from the date of your check-out. A 30-day notice will not be required. 

What is the cancellation policy for continuing students who have secured housing for next year? 

At this time, our policy remains the same for students who cancel housing to live off-campus. The $500 initial payment is non-refundable. Continuing students must cancel in their Housing Portal by Aug. 13 to avoid additional fees. 

I live off campus but plan to leave San Luis Obispo. What do I need to do?  

Off-campus rental leases are civil contracts that individuals enter into with property owners.  Tenants should look at their agreements to determine what the language states about early termination of their leases. Student may seek to engage with their landlords and property management companies in a mutual negotiation of current terms.

Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order protecting renters does not go as far as relieving a tenant from the obligation to pay rent or allow individuals to get out of their lease agreements outside of any clauses that are specifically described in those agreements. The full Executive Order can be found here. New executive orders are posted here.

Federal government updates on this topic: Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued guidance for public housing authorities, landlords, shelters, non-profits, grantees, and stakeholders.

San Luis Obispo County updates: San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Health

Regardless of your living situation, it is important that you maintain as much social distancing as possible. Housing decisions should include consideration of the goal of achieving social distancing to the greatest degree possible.

How are University Housing and Campus Dining responding to COVID-19? 

Cal Poly has been working closely with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department, state and federal authorities since January to plan for and monitor the situation. We are currently following the recommendations of county health officials on the campus wide responses to COVID-19, up to and including the quarantine or isolation of residents.  

University Housing will be taking steps to residentially distance students staying with us for spring term — including moving students from triple rooms to double or single rooms. Students will not be assessed an additional fee if they are asked to change rooms. Students will be emailed more information in spring. 

Campus Dining is temporarily pausing the use of reusable bottles at its hydration stations inside 805 Kitchen as well as at campus Starbucks, Julian’s and Jamba locations. It is also halting the use of personal containers for bulk bin items at Campus and Village markets. It has replaced reusable cutlery with single-use recyclable utensils and changed 805 Kitchen from self-serve to served-for-you. To eliminate crowding, Campus Dining has canceled all events including all Chef’s Tables, FYUL Good Mondays, Free Tastings and Love Campus Dining Pop Ups. 

Dining FAQs

Where do I go for more information on Campus Dining? 

It is the aim of Campus Dining to maintain transparency and open lines of communication. The COVID-19 situation changes daily and requires the university and Campus Dining to adjust its response accordingly. Please visit Campus Dining's FAQs at https://www.calpolydining.com/covid-response/.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email campusdining@calpoly.edu

Parking FAQs

Where do I go for more information on campus parking? 

Parking is currently being enforced because campus remains open at this time. For more information on campus parking regulations during the COVID-19 situation, please visit the Transportation and Parking Services FAQ page.

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