Single Sign On Lockout Recovery

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If you are a student visiting this page, you have likely been locked out of single sign on (SSO), in-person campus services, and Cal Poly technology applications. Please complete one of the options below to regain access to SSO, services and technology.

Restoring SSO Access

Regaining access after an on-campus test or uploading your off-campus test result typically takes less than 60 minutes.

Option 1: Get tested on campus.
The easiest and fastest way to regain access is by scheduling and completing your saliva-based COVID surveillance test on campus — visit the Student Testing page to schedule your appointment now.
Option 2: Get tested off-campus and upload your results.
Visit the Off-Campus Testing Resources section of the COVID-19 Testing page for off-campus testing site information and schedule your appointment today. 
Once you receive your test results, it is your responsibility to upload your test results online for verification via the COVID-19 Info tab in the portal.
Please note: only PCR, NAAT, and RT-PCR test results will be accepted.
Option 3: If you are symptomatic, contact the Health Center.
Call the Health Center at 805-756-1211 for evaluation and testing. Please DO NOT schedule a saliva-based COVID-19 surveillance test via the Student Testing page, as this is reserved for asymptomatic students only.
Option 4: Complete and receive an approved temporary release from the Ongoing Testing Program.
If you believe you qualify for a temporary release from the ongoing testing program based on one of the following extenuating circumstances: Medical and/or Psychological Emergency, Unforeseen Personal Hardship or Military Service Obligation, you must complete the COVID-19 Temporary Release from Ongoing Testing Form. There is space on the form for you to provide specific details about your request as well as the dates for which you are requesting temporary release from the ongoing testing program. Submitting a request does not prevent you from receiving the SSO restrictions. For additional details, refer to the Testing Compliance Exemption page.

Additional To-Do Items When Locked Out

  1. Contact your instructors and notify them that you have been locked out for non-compliance and that this may impact your ability to attend class/lab and complete assignments.
  2. If you are employed on campus, notify your employer that you have been locked out for non-compliance and that this may impact your ability to report to work.
  3. Inform any other commitments which may be impacted by your non-compliant status.
  4. Get tested ASAP to regain access!

What Does Non-Compliance Mean?

Students who miss their testing date will first receive email warnings on three consecutive days before access is restricted to university applications and student services.

If you do not complete the testing requirement by the last warning day, you will be locked out of single sign on (SSO) and will lose access to over 200 Cal Poly Technology applications, including portal access, email/Office 365, Canvas, Zoom for virtual classes, and all other services requiring Cal Poly login. In addition, access to some facilities and services will be restricted based upon the status of your daily campus pass.

3 calendar days to test then three calendar days warning period followed by SSO restrictions, complete a saliva test and SSO is reactivated.


Students with additional questions are encouraged to contact the COVID-19 Help Center during operating hours.

Phone: 805-756-7748


Days and hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excludes academic holidays

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