Testing Compliance Program

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Cal Poly is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our campus community and the surrounding public. The university established the Testing Compliance Program to be fair and equitable for all students, while helping those in required testing groups adhere to the university’s Ongoing Testing Program.

Information for Fully Vaccinated Students

Beginning May 6, students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can ask to be exempted from Cal Poly's on-going testing program if they choose to share their vaccination records with Campus Health and Wellbeing. The change is based on updated advice from public health authorities. The CDC considers an individual fully vaccinated two weeks after a final dose of vaccine (one dose for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine plus two weeks; two doses for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines plus two weeks).

  • All students — whether they are required to test for COVID-19 or not — can upload their vaccination records through the COVID Info tab of the Cal Poly Portal once they have received their final dose. (Be sure to upload the record through the COVID-19 Info tab and not through the Health and Counseling Portal.)
  • All students should continue to follow their testing schedule until their portal tab updates to confirm they are no longer required to test.
  • Once the vaccination record is verified through Campus Health and Wellbeing, a student will see "Exempted" as their testing status on the COVID-19 Info tab of the portal.
  • Students who have lost their vaccination record card should contact the Public Health Department in the county in which they received the vaccination to request a copy. 
  • Students who are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine through Campus Health and Wellbeing's Student Vaccination Clinic on campus don't need to upload their records — their testing requirements will automatically update two weeks after their final dose.
  • Fully vaccinated students can still access asymptomatic testing on campus through the testing sites through the end of spring quarter. Students should also seek symptomatic testing through the Health Center on campus if needed.

Who is required to participate?

If you are a student who meets one or more of the following criteria, you are required to enroll in the Testing Compliance Program: 

  • Live on campus
  • Enrolled in face-to-face courses
  • Work on campus
  • Participate in research on campus
  • Use any on-campus service (except the Health Center)
  • Live in the same household or congregate living facility with a Cal Poly student who meets any of the criteria listed as A through E above.
How to know if I’m part of the compliance program?
Check your status on the COVID-19 Info tab of the student portal.
Are you under the care of our Isolation and Quarantine Team?
Students on county-mandated quarantine and quarantine in place must comply with testing requirements. See the Student Isolation and Quarantine Guide for details.
Students on county-mandated isolation are exempt from participating in ongoing testing for 90 days. Please check your status in the COVID-19 Info tab in the student portal to see if you have an active exemption. If you do not have an exemption, please submit an exemption request from the same tab.

What do students need to do?

If you meet any of the above requirements, you must follow your personalized testing schedule outlined in the COVID-19 Info tab of the portal to remain compliant with the ongoing testing program.

Here are some other things you need to know:

  • Tests are scheduled seven days apart (starting May 13, 2021). Example: If a student is required to complete a test on Monday, they will be required to complete their next test the following Monday.
  • If your test falls on a day when campus testing sites are closed or you have an unavoidable scheduling conflict, it is recommended that you complete your test one day earlier. Example: if your testing deadline falls on a Saturday when campus testing sites are closed, you may complete your test on Friday instead to retain a green campus pass.
  • The university’s on-campus saliva-based COVID surveillance testing sites are a fast and easy way to complete your testing requirements.

Prefer to test off-campus? No problem, but you’ll need to plan ahead by completing a test off campus and then upload proof of your test result by the prescribed test dates in your student portal. Please note: only PCR, NAAT, and RT-PCR tests will be accepted.

Come on-campus for fast, easy testing

Testing on campus through the university’s saliva-based COVID surveillance testing program is the fastest, easiest way to complete this requirement. There are two testing sites conveniently located at the Performing Arts Center and Poly Canyon Village. There’s free parking available next to each location and friendly, helpful people at both sites ready to support students.

For information on off-campus testing options, see the Off-Campus Testing Resources.

How the program works

We created a clear pathway for students to be notified of their compliance status and how to quickly recover if they are restricted from SSO applications and services.

7 calendar days to test - then 3 calendar days in warning period - then SSO restrictions - complete a saliva test- get SSO reactivation

Here’s how it works

  1. Required students must follow their personalized testing schedule outlined in the COVID-19 Info tab of the portal. Go to the COVID-19 Info tab to see your testing date.
  2. If you miss your testing date, you will receive email warnings for three consecutive days. Notifications will also appear in your student portal, located on the COVID-19 Info tab.
  3. If you do not complete the testing requirement by the last warning day, you will be restricted from single sign on (SSO) at 4 a.m. the following morning.
  4. Access will be restored once you complete a COVID-19 test at a university testing site or submit and obtain university approval of test results from an external testing site.
  5. Regaining access after a test (or test result verification) typically takes up to an hour.

Blue Campus Pass

Beginning Monday, March 29, students will receive a blue campus pass when they have not completed a test by their deadline but have reported no COVID-19 symptoms via their daily screenings. If you receive this pass, you may be restricted from accessing university spaces and services. Students with a blue pass will be able to access testing sites and health and safety services. For additional information, visit the COVID-19 Self-Screening page.

Students who are not required to participate in ongoing testing or have an exemption from testing will also receive a blue pass if they have completed the daily self-screening and indicated no symptoms, but have not completed a COVID-19 test in the last seven days. To obtain a green pass to access on-campus services, students should schedule a COVID-19 test at one of the on-campus testing sites or complete a test off campus and then upload proof of their test result. Visit the Student Testing page for details on saliva testing on campus.

Restricted from your applications?

Please visit the SSO Lockout Recovery for clear guidance on how to get back in compliant with the ongoing testing program.

What are the restrictions?

Non-compliant students will lose access to over 200 Cal Poly Technology applications, including portal access, email/Office 365, Canvas, Zoom for virtual classes, and all other services requiring Cal Poly login. In addition, access to some facilities and services will be restricted based upon the status of your daily campus pass.

Please note – On April 7, temporary access to Canvas, the Portal, and Student Center (PeopleSoft) was granted to non-compliant students. Full SSO restrictions began Monday, April 12.

Go to the COVID-19 Info tab

The COVID-19 Info tab will serve as your go-to resource for staying updated and informed, including:

  • Your next test date and when account restrictions begin if you are not compliant.
  • How to upload your off-campus test results.
  • Applying for an exemption. Visit the Testing Compliance Exemption Policy page for details.
  • Enrolling in the Testing Compliance Program.
  • Information and links to the daily symptom screener and Campus Pass.
  • Links to schedule an ongoing test and get a registration ID.
  • Helpful resources and information about the COVID-19 Help Center.

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Important Dates

  • March 3-28: The campus community is notified of the public education period. All students are advised to check their compliance status and begin following the testing program if they are part of the compliance group. Campus restrictions will be suspended until spring term.
  • March 15-28: Virtual finals and spring break. Required students need to comply with the ongoing testing program, even if they are away. Students can apply for an exemption if they qualify.
  • March 24: Check the COVID-19 Info tab to verify your status for spring quarter. Depending on your spring quarter enrollment, your compliance requirements may change.
  • March 28: On-campus testing site is open.
  • March 29: Enforcement of blue campus pass restrictions begin.
  • April 7: Limited Single Sign On (SSO) restrictions begin – see "What are the restrictions?" section above.
  • April 12: Full Single Sign On (SSO) restrictions begin.


I’m a student living on campus. If I plan to visit my parents for two weeks, do I need to keep up with my testing schedule?

Yes. Upload your off-campus test results via the test verification process in the COVID-19 Info tab of the portal. Please note: only PCR, NAAT, and RT-PCR tests will be accepted.

I live off campus and attend face-to-face classes, but my roommates are taking virtual classes and don’t visit campus at all. Am I required to participate in the ongoing testing program? Are my roommates too?

Yes, you and your housemates need to comply, as all of you are in a congregate living situation. You must enroll in the compliance program through the COVID-19 Info Tab in your student portal.

Can I fulfill my testing requirement off campus?

Yes. You may choose to test off campus, but it is your responsibility to plan ahead by completing your testing at a local testing site and then uploading proof of a test result prior to your testing deadline. You can upload proof of off-campus test results via the COVID-19 Info Tab on the portal.

Please note: only PCR, NAAT, and RT-PCR tests will be accepted.

I want to test off campus but I'm worried I won't receive my results by my testing deadline. What should I do?

It is your responsibility to plan ahead by scheduling and completing your test at a local testing site so that you receive your results within the dates required to remain in compliance. Additionally, if you choose to test off-campus, you must upload proof of your test results via the COVID-19 Info tab prior to your testing deadline.

Please note: only PCR, NAAT, and RT-PCR tests will be accepted.

Why is Cal Poly requiring students to test at specific intervals?

The university is requiring students to follow their personalized testing schedules outlined in the COVID-19 Info tab of the portal to ensure that they test at more consistent intervalsTests are scheduled seven days apart starting May 13, 2021.

Will my instructors be notified if I am non-compliant and locked out of university services and technology?

Student must notify their instructors if they lose access to Cal Poly technology services needed to attend class remotely or in-person. In addition, faculty may ask students to verify their status by showing their campus pass before entry into the classroom (in-person only).

Do I need to keep up with my daily screening requirements?

Yes. All currently enrolled students living on campus and off-campus students accessing campus for any reason (in-person classes, work, services, etc.) are required to complete a daily screening via the COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening Tool by noon (12 p.m.) or before traveling to campus, whichever comes first.

My test date falls on a day when campus testing sites are closed. What should I do?

Students can fulfill their testing requirement, even if it falls on a day when on-campus testing sites are closed, by completing their test one day earlier. For example: if your testing deadline falls on a Saturday when campus testing sites are closed, you may complete your test on Friday instead to retain a green campus pass. 

On-campus testing sites are currently open six days per week (Sunday - Friday).

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