Student Vaccination Clinic

A student receives a vaccine shot on campus

With the support of the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department, Campus Health and Wellbeing is offering COVID-19 vaccine appointments through the Health Center on campus. The clinic is open to Cal Poly students only. Appointments are limited and based on vaccine supply. Looking for other vaccination options? Visit Cal Poly’s vaccine page.

Appointment Registration

UPDATE [May 11]: No first-dose appointments are available at this time.

Find an Appointment: Students who received their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at the Health Center have received an email with links to schedule their second dose. Campus Health and Wellbeing will soon reach out to students who received the Moderna vaccine next week.

If you are a student who received a first dose of Moderna or Pfizer from a provider other that Campus Health and Wellbeing, but you are interested in receiving your second dose from Campus Health and Wellbeing, add your name to this form. The Health Center will contact you with immediate opportunities to receive your second dose.

Cancellations: Please make every effort to keep your appointment and arrive on time. If you have to cancel your appointment, use this form.

Preparing for Your Appointment

At your appointment, you’ll be asked to show

  1. Your PolyCard or photo ID
  2. A completed vaccination consent and questionnaire (PDF)
  3. A green or blue campus pass as a result of your COVID-19 daily self screening
  4. If you are under the age of 18, complete Campus Health and Wellbeing's Minor Consent form

Please download the consent and questionnaire form PDF now, fill it out, print it, and bring it with you to your appointment. If you can’t print your form, there will be copies available to fill out at check in.

Face coverings and physical distancing are required at the Health Center.

Information on the Vaccines

Before your appointment, be sure you understand the available vaccines. Explore SLO County's Recover SLO Frequently Asked Questions along with information from the CDC about vaccines.

At your appointment, Campus Health and Wellbeing will also provide detailed fact sheets on your vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration. Monderna is being offerend the weeks of April 26 and May 3.

Your appointment packet will include a notice about how your information is shared with the California Department of Public Health through CAIR, the California Immunization Registry.

Location and Parking

The on-campus vaccination clinic takes place at the Health Center (Bldg. 27) on campus.

There are free, one-hour parking zones on the top level of the Grand Avenue for those with COVID-19 vaccination and testing appointments.

After Your Appointment

You’ll be asked to remain in the observation area at the Health Center for at least 15 minutes after your vaccination. Here are a few things you can do while you wait.

Take a picture of your card
Take a picture of your vaccination record card and keep your card in a safe place. If your vaccine requires two doses, you’ll have to bring your card with you to your next appointment.
Sign Up for V-Safe
Sign up for the CDC’s v-safe program. V-safe is a smartphone-based tool that checks in on you after your COVID-19 vaccination. Your participation helps keep COVID-19 vaccines safe — for you and for everyone. If you got vaccinated in the last six weeks, you can participate in v-safe. Visit v-safe for more information.
Learn about side effects
You may experience mild side effects after vaccination, which is a normal sign that your body is building protection. Read more about what to expect after your shot.

Second Dose Appointments

Cal Poly will provide more information to students who received their first dose at the Health Center about scheduling a second-dose appointment before their second vaccination is due.

Cal Poly is not able to give second-dose appointments to people who have received a first dose of the vaccine elsewhere. Always plan to receive your second dose, if necessary, wherever you receive your first dose. If needed, you can find second-dose appointment at the Rite Aid clinic in UU 220 (use the zip code "93407") or through the My Turn appointment system.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs clarify questions about getting vaccinated at Cal Poly. If you have questions about the vaccines themselves, visit Recover SLO Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will appointments take?

Appointments will take 45 minutes, including a 15 to 30-minute observation period after vaccination. Students with a history of allergic reactions may be observed longer. Bringing your completed consent form and medical questionnaire to the appointment will help speed up the check-in process. 

What vaccines are offered? Do I get to choose?

No, you will not get to choose which vaccine you receive at your first-dose appointment. Cal Poly’s on-campus vaccination clinic currently offers the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines. 

Is there a cost for vaccination? Do I need health insurance?

The vaccine will be provided to you at no cost. No insurance will be billed.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Please make every effort to keep your appointment and arrive on time. If you have to cancel your appointment, use this form.

Does being fully vaccinated exempt me from Cal Poly’s ongoing COVID-19 testing program?

At this time, being fully vaccinated does not exempt required students from Cal Poly’s ongoing testing program.

Public health experts continue to affirm that ongoing testing can help identify outbreaks and keep our campus healthy. If you are required to test, continue to do so every three days as outlined in your testing schedule on the COVID-19 Info tab of the portal.

If you are not required, we strongly encourage that you continue to test regularly. In the future, we anticipate that vaccination status will impact a student’s testing requirements. More information will be shared on that subject at a later date.

Are there other ways I can find an appointment in SLO County?

Yes. Cal Poly students ages 16 and older in the SLO County community use the system to find appointments or find appointments at local pharmacies. Visit Cal Poly’s COVID-19 vaccine page for more information.

Is the clinic open to faculty and staff or community members?

No, the on-campus clinics only serves Cal Poly students at this time. Visit Cal Poly’s COVID-19 vaccine page for more information on vaccine opportunities throughout SLO County.

Contact Us

Clinic Questions
For questions related to Cal Poly’s Student Vaccination Clinic, contact Campus Health and Wellbeing at 805-756-1211 or

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